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Adopt a Dog. Save a Life.

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The Adoption Process

1.  Fill out an application. Especially if you're looking to adopt a puppy, get this process started early so you don't miss out on the dog of your dreams! There is an application fee of $10 to help us keep the rescue up and running.

2. Volunteers call your references. We ask for two personal references and a vet reference if you currently have or recently had other dogs or cats. Applications can get stuck in this phase if your references do not reply to our phone calls. Please make sure your references know we'll be calling.

3. In-Person or Remote Home Visit. The goal of the home visit is to ensure our dogs are going to safe and loving homes and that adoptive families have carefully thought through the responsibility of bringing in a new furry family member. We do a lot of our home visits via Skype or Facetime to expedite the process and to support out of town adopters. We do not have a distance limit for adopting, but we take this on a case by case basis. The home visit volunteer will not necessarily know the dogs you are interested in, this is just part of the approval process. 

4. Meet and Greet! Finally, we connect you with the foster volunteer that knows the pup(s) you're interested in adopting. We can either do meet and greets at our weekly Sunday Petsmart events, or at a time and place of convenience to both the adopter and the volunteer. This is also a time to introduce your pets to the new dog, but keep in mind that dog introductions are a gradual process. The foster parent is the final step in the approval since they will determine if you are a good fit for their individual dog.

5. Adopt! If the foster volunteer feels the fit is right, you can do the adoption at the meet and greet and bring them home! If you complete your adoption at one of our weekly Petsmart events, you get a coupon book and we get a donation from Petsmart. Our adoption fees including tax are $316.55 for adults, $369.25 for puppies under a year, and $300.65 for adults over 4yo. This covers spaying or neutering, age appropriate vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and a medical exam. 

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